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?We are now stocking 6kg bags of the fantastic grown in Britain charcoal produced by Birchwood Forestry in their beautiful Herefordshire woodland. This stuff is sustainable, grown in Britain and restaurant quality.

Birchwood Charcoal is produced using a British designed and manufactured retort Kiln.

High quality charcoal can be produced and at a much more efficient rate, 75% fewer pollutants and minimal smoke than that using a traditional ring kiln method. 

It does this by having a separate kiln to the firebox, where the wood is baked at over 500 degrees C. Moisture and gases are driven off and the gasses re-circulated to fire the kiln until these are exhausted. The kiln then cools down leaving only high quality charcoal remaining. 

?You will notice Birchwood bags of charcoal are larger in volume for the same weight in comparison to much of the imported varieties. This is due to the high quality, extremely low moisture content making lighting easy.


Birchwood is located in the lower Wye Vally within Herefordshire and is owned by John Jackson and his brother.  The woodland has been in the family for over four generations and now it is Johns turn to manage it.  

?The woodland was granted Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status in 1985 and is made up of Ancient Semi-Natural high forest with an outstanding population of wild daffodils and bluebells. 

?The woodland is actively managed under a long-term management plan which has been approved and regularly reviewed under Natural England and Forestry Commission's guidance.

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