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Embers Bristol Stove Installation features on Channel 4's Bang on Budget

08-September-2018 11:28
in Other wood burning fuel
by Admin

We were really excited to be asked to install the wood burning stove for Channel 4’s Bang On Budget property show, hosted by Lucy Alexander and builder Harry Hoffen. Episode 16 looks to transfo...

Embers Bristol Five Step Guide to Installing a Wood Burning Stove

06-April-2018 16:44
in Other wood burning fuel
by Admin

Once any prep work has been completed or if your chamber is exposed and ready to go we can install the wood burning stove. We would consider a chamber with hearths already in place (which meet...

Stove Industry Alliance Ecodesign ready stoves

28-March-2018 12:34
in Other wood burning fuel
by Admin

Plenty of stoves now carry the SIA Ecodesign ready logo. The SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) is an association of stove industry manufacturers, distributors, wood fuel suppliers and instituiti...

3 incredible must have items to complete your summer.

19-May-2017 11:48
in Other wood burning fuel
by Admin

Here at Embers Bristol we are dedicated to enhancing your home – both inside and out - summer and winter. As long as it’s wood fired of course! So this summer we’ve handpicked three...

5 reasons to get your wood burning stove this summer

28-April-2017 16:15
in General
by Admin

Ok so thinking about winter during summer might be the last thing you want to do but here at Embers Bristol we believe that summer time is actually the best time to get a wood burning stove installe...

Embers Bristol guide to wood burning stove care and maintenance

01-July-2016 17:06
in Recipes
by Admin

Having a wood burning stove has become increasingly popular in recent years. We are seeing a dramatic increase in stove installations and firewood orders not just in Bristol but all over the UK too. T...

Embers Bristol Premier Account Holders for Charnwood Stoves

31-August-2015 11:33
in Recipes
by Admin

We are delighted to be Premier Account holder for Charnwood Stoves in Bristol. Charnwood have a fantastic range of stoves and a great heritage of quality British manufacturing.We have a large selectio...

Embers Bristol hang with Hangfire BBQ at Humble By Nature's Big Day Out

25-August-2015 18:25
in Recipes
by Admin

Embers Bristol hang with Hangfire BBQ at Humble By Nature's Big Day Out. Yes we had a blast at Kate Humble, off the telly, Big Day Out Festival held at her Humble By Nature Farm. We took our Classic...

Embers take Kamado Joe to UK streets!

20-May-2015 15:41
in General
by Admin

Last weekend the boys at Embers took our Kamado Joe - Classic Joe ceramic BBQ to the Cotham Hill Street Party in Bristol where we set up stall and did some cooking demonstrations to educate the UK pub...

Moisture meters a must for wood burners!

24-April-2015 12:40
in General
by Admin

Moisture meters are a must! Here at Embers Bristol we firmly believe that moisture meters are an integral tool for stove owners & wood burners alike. Moisture meters are used to check the moistu...

Embers Bristol And Kamado Joe Get Cooking

18-April-2015 12:51
in General
by Admin

We are very excited at Embers Bristol to now stock the incredibly versatile Kamado Joe. Kamado Joe supply a range of ceramic cookers including the Joe Junior, Classic Joe and Big Joe. The Joe Junior h...

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